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I am passionate about helping dogs and owners become their best selves!

I have been working with dogs for over a decade now, slowly turning my all consuming hobby into a professional endeavor. I have connected with dogs since I can remember, but have also found great fulfillment in teaching other people how to find and develop that connection. 

My approach to dog training is to help the owner to provide appropriate biological fulfillment for their dog, add helpful structure to both the dog and owner's lives, and instill a habit of compliance through clear communication and relationship. 

I personally own and compete with my German shepherd dogs in the sport of IGP. Much of the way that I train and handle dogs is heavily influenced by my experience working in partnership with my dogs. 

About Me: About Me


Evan loves connecting with owners and their dogs! 

Evan grew up with dogs as part of his family and has always enjoyed their company. When he met and eventually married Kimberli, he started to soak in knowledge about dog training and behavior. As the business has grown, Evan has taken on a more and more active role with daycare and training. He enjoys seeing dogs develop their play style and thrive in a social environment. 

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About Me: About Me
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